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Founded in 2003 and connected to the industry since 1930, Lodestar Equipment is dedicated to the drilling industry.  We specialize in used drilling rigs and related equipment.  We have sold used drill rigs all over the world and take a special interest in making your buying experience as smooth as possible.  We also sell drilling rod, down the hole bits (DTH) and hammers, service trucks, water trucks, mud pumps, pump hoists, air compressors, air ends, booster compressors, goethermal equipment and much more. 

We also can help get your drilling rig shipped anywhere in the world. We work with the most reputable shippers to help get your cargo where it needs to go and get there on time. We can also help with payment terms and have the ability to use Letters of Credit when applicable.

If you have drilling equipment or used drilling rigs for sale, please feel free to call us. We prefer to buy our inventory outright, but we will also talk with you about consignment or just listing your quality used inventory.
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